fresh seafood

Lobster & Crab

Blue Crab

Meat of the Blue Crab has a rich, sweet, succulent buttery flavour. Live crabs can be steamed or boiled; Traditional favourite for fried crab cakes. Available Live, Frozen and Canned.


Dungeness Crab

Sweet, flavourful and semi-nutty taste. Live crabs can be steamed or boiled. Meat can be used for stews, creamed dishes, salads and casseroles. Available live, frozen cooked and canned pasteurized meat.


Red King Crab

Sweet, moist and rich flavour. Almost all king crab sold in North America is cooked and brine frozen. Crab can be baked, broiled and steamed. Available frozen cooked sections, cooked legs and cooked claws.



Meat is mild and sweet in flavour with firm texture. Lobster can be baked, boiled, steamed and grilled. Live lobster is available year-round. Available Live, frozen whole cooked, tails, claws, and canned claw and knuckle meat.



Taste is mild with a pleasing shellfish smell. Texture is firm and chewy. Best for stews and sauces. Available fresh seasonally from Mediterranean and frozen whole tails and peeled meat.


Snow Crab

Snow crab meat is sweet and delicate. Almost all cooked and brine frozen. Can be used in chowders, casseroles and quiches and crab cakes. Available Frozen cooked sections, cooked legs, cooked meat, cooked claws and canned meat.